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Winter Garden - Kristin Hannah

A great book can make a person forget the world around them, sweep them off their feet and the unforgettable beauty of the story itself. Winter Garden does all of the above. Such tender, tragic, and timeless storytelling from Kristin Hannah!

Magic Hour: A Novel - Kristin Hannah

I can't help but be swept away by the story line of a woman looking for love and finding it in a beautiful child named Alice. Another tender, heart breaking, and beautifully written by Kristin Hannah!

Night Road - Kristin Hannah

Kristen Hannah has once again written a heartbreaking and beautiful story of sorrow, forgiveness, and the meaning of love and family. Night Road will no doubt make you cry and heal you.

Distant Shores: A Novel - Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah always writes powerful and deeply moving novels! Distant Shores is no exceptions.

Home Front - Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah has once again written a beautiful story of love, loss, and hope. You won't soon forget "Home Front."

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

A tragic but beautiful story of love, loss, and the legacy we all leave behind. Painful, but worth the read!